Abstract Art Paintings in Delhi, India

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Abstract Artist paintings

Abstract Art Paintings in Delhi, India

Famous Abstract Artist

Aashok Gulati wants to redefine modern art by creating a combination of abstraction and nature with the perfect blend of  Indian and Western themes. His paintings are light and lithe with different feelings and emotions displayed on the white canvas.

Beginning of an Era

Abstract Art has evolved, from its beginnings in the late 1800s to the present day. It’s a remarkably adaptable genre that has allowed for its immense expansion, and it can be categorized in various ways while remaining abstract. Abstract expressionism, lyrical abstraction, colour field, post-painterly abstraction, and even minimalism, are a few examples of this.

At the start of the twentieth century, abstract art paintings were able to incorporate many types of abstraction into the dominant painting style of the time. They were now regarded as an Avant-Garde style and had a significant influence on the construction and development of non-representational art, which was considered a “pure art” form.

Canvas and Paintings Found New Lease of Life

Abstract art artists like Aashok Gulati have bought this new world, filled with colour and shapes that are now used as motifs. This type of art was a delight for every art lover. No tangible connection to anything remotely genuine or realistic was made in the artworks created, hence the paintings created were non-figurative and non-objective. Some earlier movements in art history, such as romanticism, impressionism, and expressionism, began to stray toward abstraction.

Interweaving brushstrokes to create remarkably refined depth and structure in serene space

Famous abstract artist Gulati’s paintings on paper are light and slender, and that shows his experience of over 25 years. The variable weight and density of his lines drawn by diffusion and intertwining brushstrokes to produce amazingly detailed depth and structure rely on his use of technique and opacity.

Lines, which are geometric outcomes of unconscious artwork, this famous artist’s stance, movement, and twists of hand, are occasionally used to divide his singular zones. He interacts with the lines on a piece of paper and that helps create a serene canvas within the viewer’s mind and soul.

And The Legacy Continues

A considerable number of abstract art painters are still remembered today as influential figures in abstract art as well as other art genres. Their various paintings have become classic works of art, causing some artists to stand out significantly. While many artists can be included in this ranking, famous abstract artist Aashok Gulati is one of them.

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