Contemporary Abstract Art Makes You Think Differently

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Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract Art Makes You Think Differently

When we talk about Contemporary Abstract Art, we typically see a splat of hues and shapes, whirling formations, and a variety of vibrant patterns. Since it has been around for almost a century, abstract painting has established itself as an essential creative tradition. The issue of whether abstract painting is a genuine art genre was resolved more than a century ago.

It is about form, colour, line, material, pattern, composition, and technique, which are all things that are, as we all know, separated from reality. These characteristics characterise art because they explain how and what it looks like. Abstract art is lovely because it leaves room for interpretation and doesn’t explicitly state its subject matter.

Instead, it invites you to be open-minded; you must enter the artwork and let it carry you anywhere it wants. You gain the freedom to explore thanks to it. The piece’s significance is open to interpretation by the viewer. The viewer’s experience of the artwork is enhanced by this intensely personal approach. The most recent is related to Abstract Expressionism, since they were unable to understand it better.

Attractive Oil Paintings by the Artist

We would like to introduce you to a younger generation of abstract art in this post, which has never been done before.

Since an abstract artist is unfamiliar with putting their personal interpretation on their work, they typically leave it up to the viewer to discover the significance of the piece by giving it a label like “Untitled” or maybe something generic or global.

The artist we’re about to describe does the opposite. Regardless of the fact that his artwork is abstract, each of his pieces will have a title that specifically refers to the subject it depicts. One of the characteristics of the paintings he signs is the translation of consonants into symbols. Through dispositions and interactions with the surrounding space, the picture for the depiction of the real is created precisely defined.

About Aashok Gulati: The Abstract Artist

Aashok Gulati is a well-known artist in Delhi who is fascinated by the galaxy and celestial energy. His surrealistic, powerful, and mysterious cosmic motif frequently bends towards or overlaps in his abstract visual masterpieces. His innovative abstract, contemporary, mixed-media paintings merge reality and theory in a fresh way by blending dark graphite patterns with carefully selected organic colours.

Aashok Gulati, a recognised and well-known artist, is living in Delhi, India. He loves to make abstract art because it enables him to express his feelings and emotions.

He learns that making abstract art is a very subjective decision and that, in contrast to other kinds of art, abstract painting frequently enables him to have deeper emotional connections with himself.

Indian artist Aashok Gulati believes that abstract paintings are popular abroad because they stand out and are more accessible than other forms of art.

As an expressionist, he frequently depicts cosmic forces and their mysterious powers in his paintings. He is regarded as India’s most skilled abstract artist both nationally and globally because of this.


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