Why is Abstract Art Expensive? Know Through This Article

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Why is Abstract Art Expensive? Know Through This Article

Abstract art paintings must be the one artistic category that may be discussed indefinitely. Its admirers applaud its capacity to transcend all social and emotional barriers and reveal the intense, secret emotions hiding inside the artist’s head.

While its detractors dismiss it as little more than a haphazard display of colour and painted lines. This debate will undoubtedly never end, yet it is indisputable that abstract painting is among the most fascinating aspects of the art world.

People frequently wonder what abstract art is and why it might cost a lot of money to purchase an abstract artwork. This article will provide you with arguments that will aid in your quest to comprehend this perplexing yet interesting artistic type.

The Development of Abstract Art

It is important to understand the origins of abstract art before moving on to the reasons. Prior to the invention of photography, painters used to portray actual events and people that were visible to the naked eye. There were virtually no depictions of the individual self, save from the Gods’ and Goddesses’ creations, spiritual entities, and societal events.

However, after the invention of photography, the art world underwent a paradigm change. The natural environment that artists had spent countless hours trying to reproduce on canvas could now be captured exactly as it is in a matter of seconds.

As photography increasingly replaced other means of communicating reality, Aashok Gulati, one of India’s most famous abstract artists, stopped making any attempt to capture scenes that were amenable to photography. This led to the beginning of abstract art as artists began to go far into their minds to find those concepts and ideas that were the love child of the human brain with art.

Reasons for the High Cost of Abstract Art

There are many factors that contribute to the exorbitant prices of available abstract artworks. Below are lists of 3 of these.

Abstract art doesn’t accurately represent reality

Through contemporary and famous abstract art, an artist tries to tell a story. It tends to offer a peek into the artist’s emotions and visions in addition to being a lovely display of hues, lines, and forms. Abstract art is authentic in every way because of this sincerity. Something that is authentic and is not a copy of the current world cannot really be given a reduced price. The expensive price is a sign of respect for the authenticity that an artist tries to convey.

Advancing the capacity of the human intellect

Because the artist can so plainly express his innermost sentiments and emotions, abstract art is lauded. Instead of focusing on the theme’s form, this type of art seeks to capture the theme’s spirit.

Beyond anything the human eye could see, abstract art invites creativity and brilliantly demonstrates the vast potential of the mind. And creativity truly can’t be priced, can it?

Making abstract art is a cerebral endeavour

It takes tremendous degrees of intelligence to devote your efforts to giving something that lacks any physical shape a lovely physical structure. More than just a medley of aesthetically pleasing colours and patterns can be found in abstract art.

It takes years of practice, effort, and expertise to produce an abstract work of art that charmingly captures the profound meaning the artist is attempting to convey.

As a result, there are no discounts applied to the pricing of available abstract artworks.


Meanwhile, if you want to buy abstract art from the most famous artist in India, visit Aashok Gulati’s website.

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