Aashok Gulati’s Painting at Delhi Art Week Exhibited in Chawla Art Gallery

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Aashok Gulati’s Painting at Delhi Art Week Exhibited in Chawla Art Gallery

Aashok Gulati is one of the most well-known and famous abstract artists. His three paintings have been possessed by Chawla Art Gallery and are going on display at Delhi Art Week, second edition. Paintings by Aashok Gulati express the universe’s indescribable power, spirituality, and eternity.

Mystical Resonance-1

Through his paintings, Aashok Gulati continues his discovery of the mysterious and sublime essence of the cosmos. His compositions have three distinctive characteristics that give each work in this series life. Mystical Resonance-1 touches the delicacy and the depths of creation by merging the hues together.

The artist expresses the mysterious and sublime aspects of the cosmos via the artistic use of color.

Mystical Resonance-5

The second feature, the 12 intelligently positioned holes, is the perfect complement to the first part’s bold use of water-based colors.

The 12 perforations represent the cosmic harmony and order on earth, which in turn defines the vertical line connecting the many elements of the universe—the celestial bodies to the oceans—from top to bottom.

The paintings have a surreal quality because of the blue, green, and black colors, which stand for the “mystical dark energy” of the cosmos.


Each of the three paintings in this series is a cleverly intricate depiction of the structure through the abstract that is seductively simple. They have an intellectual eloquence that resonates both individually and collectively.

This beautiful painting represents heaven which is alive with motion and vitality.

However, this mixed media on a mounted board with burns and perforation is alluring, divine, and expressive.

Chawla Art Gallery in Delhi Art Week

Chawla Art Gallery is performing in Delhi Art Week’s second edition and showcasing Aashok Gulati’s three most celebrated paintings, Mystical Resonance-1, Mystical Resonance-5, and Mystic-3 from 24th August-14 September at the Square One Mall in Saket, Delhi.

The Chawla Art Gallery, the best art gallery in India, is home to an amazing compilation of contemporary abstract art and a platform for talented and well-known artists. It is an umbrella for Indian artists to showcase their hues, passion, and abstract art to art lovers.


If you are searching for the top gallery for art and paintings to buy, you must visit Chawla Art Gallery during Delhi Art Week, especially if you want to purchase Aashok Gulati’s paintings.

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