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Art is like a magnet that connects everyone. It is that exquisite feeling that overcomes all human borders and supports the universal access of the man’s soul. A great work of art can remain in our memories for a long time. An incredible work of art is hard to find yet, at the very same time, hard to overlook. For art enthusiasts, art galleries in India are nothing less of a literal representation of paradise on earth. It is the site where all of man’s best artistic creations are displayed.

Indian Spectacular art galleries

Art galleries in perspectives, ideas, and emotions communicate with each other transcending the rules and boundaries set by time. India has been blessed with many eminent, talented, and skilled artists. India is home to some of the most popular and admired artworks.

Art Galleries play a much wider role than just portraying the artist. There are a handful of so-called “mega-dealers” whose names may be familiar even to those on the fringes. But galleries are still the beating heart of the art world, the mechanism through which many find their way to institutions.

Galleries are a connection between art and artist 

Galleries play multiple roles, both visible and invisible: they incubate and support their artists, often going above and beyond the usual duties of hosting events, promoting their creators, and selling their works; and they provide services like financial management and book publishing to help their artists focus more fully on their task.

These spaces are not defined by their shapes or sizes

The best art gallery of India can not be described in one sentence but many of these places have a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. According to Art Basel and UBS’s Art Market in 2017 research, there were around 296,000 retailers and gallery businesses. Just under 40% of them made less than $500,000 in annual sales, while a similar percentage made between $1 million and $10 million. Most art galleries in India will stress that their primary role is to facilitate their artist’s production of great work. Regardless of size, the core of a gallery’s identity is to showcase artist collections and promote them. 

Paintings and art can engage the heart and express feelings. India is home to some of the world’s most talented artists and art galleries. Art sculptures and artworks have been an integrated part of Indian culture and heritage since ancient times. However, certain art galleries in India retain ancient-era art creations in modern times. These venues also provide a large platform for new artists to display their work and promote the value of art in India. 

The peaceful yet highly artistic atmosphere of this decade-old art gallery is its beauty. Art gallery’s biggest distinguishing feature is its philosophy of fostering young artists. These galleries display paintings of both young and professional artists. You can find every kind of artwork in these galleries, from modern art to canvases.

Meet The Artist

The universe has always been a source of wonder to him and through his masterful strokes of colour, he explores the enigmatic and transcendent nature of the universe. His compositions are characterized by three main elements which breathe life into every piece of this series. First is the daring use of water based colours which is the perfect setting for the second element, which is the vertical line running from the top to bottom representing the cosmic. Last but not the least, is the clever use of perforation and puncturing of the paper within the composition giving his pieces an interesting dimension which resonates with the mysticism. The combination of these three elements adds to the celestial aura of every piece breathing life into each of the compositions. Ashok Gulati’s work reflects his maturity in the expressing the structured through the abstract.

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