Aashok Gulati: India’s Most Famous Abstract Artist

Aashok Gulati, a famous artist in Delhi, is enchanted with the universe and cosmic energy. His abstract pictorial compositions are dominated by the enigmatic cosmic and its surrealism and power, often bending toward or overlapping. His creative mixed-media, abstract and contemporary paintings combine reality and theory in a novel way by combining dark charcoal patterns with chosen organic colours.

However, the renowned and famous artist Aashok Gulati is based in Delhi, India. Since abstract art allows him to communicate his sentiments and emotions, he enjoys creating it.

He discovers that creating abstract art is a highly intimate process and that, in contrast to other forms of art, abstract painting often allows him to connect more deeply with his own self.

Aashok Gulati is from India and thinks that abstract paintings are well-liked in other nations since they are distinctive and more affordable than other kinds of artwork.

He is an expressionist and often paints pictures of cosmic energy and its unknown power. That is the reason he is nationally and internationally known as the most talented abstract artist In India.

The artist works on handmade archival paper of various grades and varieties with organic water-based colours, pigments, and resins that offer unique and distinctive treatment to lovers of visual art.

His creative aspects and the colours he uses to create a masterpiece are worth looking at, and they offer smoothness to the eye, which is commendable and creative in its own way.

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Oil Painting on Canvas by Aashok Gulati

Oil painting is one of the most revered and widely used mediums among artists.

Oil on canvas painting is a type of art that is created with oil-based paints. Oil painting involves using tints that employ the element of drying oil as the binder and creating art with them on a canvas.

One of the most common sorts of oil in oil paints are linseed oil, walnut oil, and poppy seed oil.

Each oil has its own properties, colour, and outcome on the artwork.

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Modern Contemporary Abstract Art by Indian Artist

Contemporary Abstract Art is an expression. It is a perspective on the world and the universe that an artist weaves. It is generally the process of expressing oneself through abstract art in order to make it more unique. However, contemporary art is admired by people who see something different than the rest of the painting.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, Aashok Gulati is the artist to look for, and you can purchase his paintings from his website. They are beautiful, heavenly, and affordable.

You can buy his paintings to decorate your home because abstract art is a great way to express yourself creatively. You can hang the contemporary paintings in your bedroom, living room, or wherever you want, as they are the most beautiful art form to look at. You can purchase one from Aashok Gulati’s website as it is running a Contemporary Abstract Art for sale.

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Mixed Media Abstract Art: A Free Form of Art

Mixed media abstract art is another form of art that associates two or more mediums to make one artwork. Mixed media has two types of examples, assemblages, and collages. They are made using varied media. They also used different kinds of materials, such as cotton canvas, wood, paper, and other objects.

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Meet The Artist

The universe has always been a source of wonder to him and through his masterful strokes of colour, he explores the enigmatic and transcendent nature of the universe. His compositions are characterized by three main elements which breathe life into every piece of this series. First is the daring use of water based colours which is the perfect setting for the second element, which is the vertical line running from the top to bottom representing the cosmic. Last but not the least, is the clever use of perforation and puncturing of the paper within the composition giving his pieces an interesting dimension which resonates with the mysticism. The combination of these three elements adds to the celestial aura of every piece breathing life into each of the compositions. Ashok Gulati’s work reflects his maturity in the expressing the structured through the abstract.

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