Contemporary Abstract Arts

Aashok Gulati unravels the mysteries of the blue ocean, nature, and feelings that are beyond imagination. Using his deep knowledge of nature interconnected with a rhythmic feel for a line and form. His contemporary abstract art paintings will transform you into a world of wonder and awe.

Curiosity Can Open Doors 

Contemporary abstract art is created by modern-day artists with fresh minds and extraordinary views. As an effect, it reproduces the several, worldwide, and continuously changing challenges that contour our community. Many modern artists use their work to examine personal or cultural identity, criticize societal and institutional frameworks, or even redefine contemporary abstract art itself. They frequently create tough or thought-provoking works in the process without delivering simple answers.

The ideal tools for approaching a work of contemporary art are curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to discourse and debate. Aashok Gulati has been exhibiting contemporary art in many Indian galleries since its foundation, including visual art, dance, music, drama, moving images, design, architecture, new media, and many hybrid forms.

Abstract vs Contemporary

The divide between abstraction and figuration is a false one, but it is quite useful. Contemporary abstract artists, who are primarily interested in the relationships of colour, line, and form may also use marks and shapes to indicate body parts, landscapes, and items that have usually been reserved for still lifes. Even monochrome paintings might conjure up recognizable scenes: a grey canvas could conjure up a cliff face, while a blue canvas could conjure up the sea.

Contemporary art mixes the nuances of abstract art. These canvases have more modern designs, reflecting and distorting what the art lovers interpret. Its simplicity makes it more distinguishing and diverse.

Be Amazed at The Live Art

His beautiful contemporary art scenes will challenge your perceptions of what art should look like and how it should function. During your visit, you might see a dance with barely visible movement, a sculpture in the shape of a live tree, or a painting composed entirely of fabric and light. We hope that what you see at the gallery inspires you to think about the things that are important to you and your community, whether you are shocked, bewildered, or excited. Please return frequently, and keep in mind that every piece of art is beyond your imagination.

Contemporary abstract art is making a comeback in the modern world. The masters of abstract painting are making a comeback not only in the art market but also in the art practice – there has been a slew of amazing exhibits of modern abstract artists in the last few years. Make sure to visit one today!